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7 Questions To Ask eCommerce Developers Before You Hire One
08 Sep 2021
7 Questions To Ask eCommerce Developers Before You Hire One

Here are 7 Questions To Ask eCommerce Developers Before You Hire One

  1. Have you developed a similar eCommerce website in terms of industry and/or functionality? Previous experience and domain knowledge could greatly accelerate the eCommerce website development process, but should not be the decisive factor in your decision making.
  2. Where can I see your portfolio? Previous experience in your industry will help your partner understand and meet your goals faster, if not better.
  3. Which technologies have you mastered and why you’ve chosen to specialize in those in particular? Tech is changing by the day and serious eCommerce development companies in Tanzania will strive to be on top of their game, always. However, sometimes novelty is not the best indicator of agility, so if your prospective partner has chosen to forsake the latest tool on the market, seek justification for their decision.
  4. What features do you think my product will need? Your website will be unique and developed for your needs only. So, define your goals and communicate them with the best eCommerce developers. Then, ask what features your site will need to have to meet your requirements.
  5. Do you offer post-development services? You need to make sure the company you hire will be there to update your site to the latest platform versions and handle security threats. This is important in keeping your product up-to-date and fully-functional.
  6. How long will it take to finish my project? It may happen that the best eCommerce developers work on several projects at the same time. However, obviously, you want your product finished as soon as possible. Therefore, ask these companies what is the deadline and require them to include it in your contract.
  7. Who will work on my project? It is important to know who will work on your project and who you will communicate with. You need to make sure that the people you work with are easy-going and communicative to ensure the success of your project. And knowing who they are in advance will help you achieve that.